Akar Suburbia

Introducing Akar Suburbia, a fully-equipped residential locale set in a green haven that’s located a mere 10 min drive from the bustling hub of Margao. Living at Akar Suburbia is like a dream come true in so many ways. It’s a tree-filled paradise bordered on three sides by lush fields and sprawling orchards, with the convenience of having a city nearby. Featuring dedicated retail areas, a state-of-the-art clubhouse, Akar Suburbia is like a self-sufficient township with nature’s personal touch.

Akar Green Empire

Akar Green Empire is one of the popular residential developments in Margao, neighborhood of Goa.

It has lavish yet thoughtfully designed residences.

Akar Aquamarina

Akar Aquamarina is a housing complex comprising of a cluster of apartments, row houses and designer bungalows. Each unit has been designed keeping in mind the smallest details to take care of all your needs.

Delightfully positioned in a picturesque canvas of swaying palms and azure skies in close proximity to the sublimely serene Colva beach, Aquamarina offers a perfect ambience for a healthy & comfortable living. Unique lifestyle features including a gymnasium, swimming pool, landscaped greenery, children’s play area and even a discotheque coupled with top of the line specifications including a reversed osmosis technology for water purification, eco-friendly solar heating system and hi-tech security arrangements makes Aquamarina a complete lifestyle experience.

Akar Habitat

Make your favourite breakfast… Watch T.V.. .Play with your child… Read a book.. .Relax…

Snooze a little extra in the mornings… Put your feet up…. Go shopping… Talk to your loved ones for some more time…

Surf the net… Chill with friends… Listen to some music… Take notes… Gaze in to the sky…

Cuddle-up with your child…

Just a glimpse of a few things that you could do instead of spending time traveling to the main market, railway station,airport, entertainment hubs, commercial zones, etc. That’s right, ‘Akar Habitat’ is just a hop, skip and jump away all the main junctions; leaving you with more time to do more.

So, come to Akar Habitat.

Enjoy life.

Akar Harmony

Living at Akar Harmony can be a real blessing. Especially since it is bestowed with a neighborhood that is as easy-going, friendly, helpful as you ar. Step in to Akar Harmony and you will see a perfect harmony of splendid planning and pretty interiors; calm inside and serene outsides; Lifestyle facilities and hi-life amenities. Needless to mention, it is extremely accessible from all the main junctions such as markets, railway station, schools, hospitals and entertainment hubs.

Akar Harmony, Set in an intellectual and cultured neighborhood, it’s the ideal arena for your family to live on a higher plane. Amidst values, an intellectually stimulating company, Akar Harmony more importantly, is the perfect setting to mould your children better and bring them up with a positive mindset. It’s what makes all the difference in their growing years. Give your family a better life. Move to Akar Harmony.

Akar Excelsior

Sun, Sand and Sea at their finest against a backdrop of swaying palms, where sun kissed days melt into star-lit nights, where verdant fields and azure skies meet the sea. That’s the uniqueness of this magnificent village named Colva.

Set amidst a coconut grove, Akar Excelsior is a blend of contemporary architecture with natural surroundings. The condominium comprises of Apartments, Row Houses, and Shops with world class facilities, a Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Club House, Meandering pathways and Manicured lawns all meant to provide you the luxurious living with nature.

Akar Gardens

Green as far as the eye can see.The colours of God’s bounty in all their splendour. Set amidst the lush richness of nature.

Welcome to Akar Gardens.
Where man-made comforts complement the Almighty’s rewards, Fine living in the lap of luxury, Nestling in environs created for your pleasure. Come, touch a leaf. Feel a flower. Drop some pollen. Chase a butterfly. Or just enjoy the breeze, let the air refresh your hair.

Akar Pinnacle

Exhale! Finally homes that think just like you do! You want a good location, you get a fantastic one. You want all the conveniences at reach, you get them next door. You want a home that’s well-planned. We give it to you even before you’ve pictured it. Now you’re worried about the price. Don’t be…these homes think for you. They offer you all these advantages at a price that makes complete sense. Now that’s the logic you were looking for. Go ahead… Jiyo Logical!

Akar Heights

Features a magical Goan setting overlooking the Zuari river as it meets the sea, property development standards that add grace to your lifestyle, and an utterly exclusive feel…

Imposing edifices, sky high standards of construction, a congenial neighbourhood of the like-minded, a residential project overflowing with amenities, security, conviviality and recreation – the three must haves – for a gracious living!